About Us

HEDTeching is Tech company which basically creates websites for other company and for other persons. But also we lead to different kind of products which is really helpful for the people!!


Basically we all know Facebook is a social media and yeh!! I also appreciate that. But one of the great things about facebook is Facebook Page and you can actually follow us and send us massage!!


Oh!! This is the platform from where HEDTeching was born. And yeh!! really we uploads some of the great content in our official youtube channel. And for our any kind of video update make sure you are subscribed!!


So, now it's personal matter means you and us personally. No naughty, I am not talking about these kind of mind but you know what in instagram we like to be us. OUr all personal staff you can see in instagram!!

Our story

At first we started with a youtube channel by uploading some tech related content and after a long time we start of thinking creating some product and we was doing good but also we want to create some great stuff and we was hoping for giving peoples value!!

And then creating website comes up and also another thing we are providing people websites and other services which will coming soon but the reality behind the seen is that we are also working in our product which we will

launch soon…

"At The Cheapest Price Only HEDTeching Create Basic, Business and Dynamic Website, Which Will Help Your Business a lot."
Fahad Bhuiyan
CEO & Founder

Our clients say

"I am totally satisfied with HEDTeching. There are services are really in my budged and what they provides is just amazing. I am blessed working with them"
Hilary Leigh
"For my business A website was needed and I was searching for a website development company at cheapest price and then I found HEDTeching I am just glorious."
Hall Read
Online Management Head
"In that price this kind of services I am really impressed there are so many website development company in the world but HEDTeching is the Boss"
Quintin Angus
Web Manager
"I was visiting HEDTeching for there blog posts and a website was also very important for me and After reading these report I am just fully satisfied with them!!"
Jillie Tempest
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