How To Create YouTube Channel Successfully & Earn Money Everything You Need to Know!!

We have different section of this how to create YouTube channel blog post

and we are going to share everything from scratch to how you can became a successful you-tuber.

Here is a overview of all of these Technic which we are going to cover in this blog post..

You know what the truth is that, A lot of people will read this blog, but not everyone will succeed !! That’s normal you know. But who gonna succeed it’s them who going to read this blog seriously and carefully simple !! Taking seriously it’s fun too but let’s see you can do it or not. Hey, you are the best you will I know and the only best person became a you-tuber. Think like yes I am serious !! I am I can I will it’s called “I motivation“, and this is the best motivational word in the world yes it is!

Do you really need motivation?

And you will really need motivation because it’s frustrating. 

Yes, I am telling you it’s frustrating maybe some of you have already started your channel and if yes then you will have experience but always what gonna work for you.

Yes, I am I can I will

Everything is “I“

Ok, let’s start it……… 

What is You-Tube ?

Before became a you-tuber we have to understand what the hell this YouTube is?

So, YouTube is a great platform for uploading video and watch videos. 

Every single person who uses the internet must use YouTube. 

Because YouTube is most popular and 2nd search engine and also it’s owned by Google and Android is also owned by Google.

Maybe you will be wondered that,

The total number of people who use YouTube – 


300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube !!

So, Now you can think about what YouTube is! and How big is this YouTube!
Here “I Motivation” will workers for you that, you are the best So only you can succeed in this 1,300,000,000+. people which is going to big and big day by day.

Why you should Start A YouTube Channel?

There is a lot of cause why you should start A YouTube Channel. But I always like to outpoint the best things.
These are the things why you should definitely start you-tubing !!

 1. You will be able to broadcast yourself
 2. Your Passion will turn into reality
 3. You will be able to earn some good money
 4. People will know you

Choose Your Perfect Niche >

Before starting a YouTube Channel the most important things will be Your Niche. Because that’s really meters a lot !!

Suppose, You are doing something which you have zero interest then you should get a job in your area because both are the same.

Now, I am not interested in talking about a job which I have zero interest may we can research about that letter make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that, you could not miss anything.

The Best Suggestion,

It would be something which you can do all day not thinking about your profit or money. Just you can do this all day without having food and you don’t know what you will get after doing this work !

Think about this and if there is something Congratulation you have successfully figure out what is your niche
And what is this send me at –

But If you are confused and you can’t find out anything you want some more tips then you have to check out our another article go and choose your niche then came back again for niche article click here

Choose Your Brand Name >>>

That’s simple my friend go to any domain provider company and open youtube and google also
Then think about any name you like because Google is nothing but Larry Page and Sergey Brin make it google so it’s google 

Mark Zuckerberg names facebook that’s why it’s Facebook
So, whatever you will give it will be the name 

If you have more confusion you can check out another article about how you can choose your Brand Name.

if you want to know the best way of how to choose your best brand name then click here

If you have chosen your niche and brand name then the next step would make your channel. So, let’s take a tour, my friend, how you can do it……

Choose Your Brand Name >>>

You know what? 

Creating a YouTube Channel is more than easy you can think. You just have to create a Gmail account.

 Then you need to go to YouTube and click on create an account and select your name and verify your account and here you go to upload your first video.

For verifying your account you have to given a phone number and youtube will send an OTP and you have to put this OTP code and then your channel will be verified.

How To Make Your Brand Logo >>>

That’s interesting.

My Friend, you are going to make a million subscriber youtube channel without a logo?
No, obviously not.

But how you can get it? 

Let me tell you > 

You can make it by yourself if you are a designer if you are not then I will highly suggest you to pay someone on any freelancing site and build a logo for you but for that, you must have to follow some step.

You can read this article for that, if you want a great logo for your youtube channel and you have no idea about that then you can click here

But if you don’t have money what you will do?

Yes! I have a pro tip for you just go and take a perfect picture of yours. 

Yes a lot of big you-tuber also do this

There have two benefits of it.

You can change it later

You can make it permanent 

It’s not a big problem if you are going to make a brand because you can change it later and it does not matter much.

Then you will need Channel Art, Intro a lot of other things and you can search on google or youtube and you will find a lot of ways.

Let’s upload your first video >>>

That’s an interesting thing a lot of people didn’t start youtube channel just thinking about what they will upload and now niche will work research about anything.

So, In future we will talk about how to chose topic how to research on them how to record and how to edit and at last how to upload it on youtube.

Keep Uploading and make your content better >

Then the most important thing is uploading and uploading and uploading
Yes Now that’s most important,

Keep making your content better at regular interval and then you will go

Keep learning new things and keep making new content and keep making them better people going to love you and you are going to love me 

So for that most important thing for your life and your youtube career make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter

I know that’s a little bit promoting myself but really if you will do only then you will be able to get our future updates 

so, you are my friend and you have to connect with me
AND my dear friend please help me ShaRe tHis pOsT
Thank You

You are not getting any views?

 Ok, that’s petty normal things in 2019 because there are a lot of youtube channel and every second a lot of people uploading a lot of content on youtube. 

So, you just need to upload quality full content and obviously, you have to be careful about SEO.

If you are really interested in seo you can click here

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