How TO Download Wifi Password Apps

In this tutorial HEDTeching will show you how to Download the App which you use normally to use your wifi password apps like wifi maps and wifi master key

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you know sometimes people want to learn some new type of skills like playing with there WiFi and yes it’s not a good thing if you are not doing it in your wifi.

But what if you are doing it in your own router with your own wifi which you own one hundred percent

then it’s not a problem because now you are doing it with your own wifi.

So, if you really want to download the app that means you actually want to use that app.

But before using any app I just always felt like that it’s good know little bit about that app. so that you could use it perfectly.

And another things it that I highly recommend you to watch that complete video so that you could actually understand how this apps works.

And if you know about apps is that there actually two type of apps you can build like swift which is for ios

or iphone phone which produced by apple company co-founder of apple is steve jobs.

and also there are android you can use any of these because it will depend upon your phone.

Because suppose you have an iphone then you have to use the ios app because

if you will try to download the android version of that app then it’s not gonna work.

And similarly if you would have and andorid then you have to download the android version of the app

Because it’s build like this by the developers and this is actually fun and also a problem.

Ok, let’s just assume that you need the app and you really want to download the app.

So, if this is your cause then I will highly recommend you to just click here for the wifi master app 

which you will be able to download from the official website of wifi .com

But before that let’s learn something about the founder of this great app.

Ok, we also want to download the wifi map app and it’s also an another great app.

which we have discussed in that video.

So, the rulles will be same download the andorid version of this app

if you have an android phone from company like Samsung aweigh atc mi and a lot of 

android manufacturer company who build android phone

then obviously you will download the android app and if you have an iPhone then you can download the iPhone version of the app or ios version of the app.,

And again I am going to assume that you want the app so if this is your case my dear friend why fear you are here

and I will show you how you can download the wifi map apps.

and this is really easy and simple just click here and you will be good to go…

and it’s actually easy to connect with a wifi.


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