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In this article of HEDTeching we will show you how to download and install wifi master key apps or apk for android ios for free.

And yes you can download wifi master key officially from our website because we will give you the official link of wifi master key apps

which is now called wifi master app.

And you will love to know that this apps is produced by which is link sure company.


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So, we love this app so much so for that reason we will learn about the company which is link sure company.

About LinkSure Network


LinkSure Network is a mobile internet company that specializes in providing internet to enable connectivity for a better future.

Through sharing, investment, proprietary development, collaboration, and philanthropy, LinkSure Network builds a multidimensional Internet matrix to enable people to connect to knowledge, entertainment and digital transactions on a global scale.

Career Milestones

In 1998, Chen Danian introduced the shareware concept in China. He developed China’s first acclaimed internet bill tracker software named ENCounter, and became among the first leading wave of remarkable programmers in China. ENCounter was accoladed as “China Top 10 Peer-to-Peer Software” by

In 1999 at the age of 21, Chen Danian co-founded SNDA with his brother Chen Tianqiao. He is the second largest shareholder of the company, and China’s first wave of internet company leader to start a new era of online gaming in China’s internet industry.

In 2004, SNDA became the first Chinese online games company to be listed on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ:SNDA) in the United States. At the time of its IPO, SNDA is known as the best technology company in the world alongside Google. It is also the largest mid-cap company and the largest games company by market capitalization of its time.

In 2008, Chen Danian founded Shanda Institute for Innovation and Technology. The reseach direction leadership and technical advice he provided during his tenure has successfully incubated several start-ups including UCloud, and QiNiu to become unicorn companies within 10 years.

In 2012, Chen Danian independently founded Zenmen Group and expanded his endeavour into emerging fields such as sharing economy, internet finance, Internet of Things (IOT), and space technology.

In 2013, Chen Danian founded LinkSure Network, the operating company of WiFi Master, bringing universal internet access using Sharing Economy.

As of June 2016,WiFi Master has over 900 million users and over 520 million monthly active users worldwide.

So, now at that moment you are really just want the app. ok that’s it’s enough for you just click in any one these buttons and you will be able to download the app. 

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LinkSure Network Awards and Accolades


Selected as the senior partner of “World Internet Conference · Wuzhen Summit” for five consecutive years (2015-2019).

Awarded “Leading Social Responsibility Award” by the China Social Welfare Foundation.

Awarded “Annual ICT Innovation Award” and “Excellent Cybersecurity Award” by the official media of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

Listed in the “Internet 50 Years: 50 Best Public Welfare” list for the “Dream Key” poverty alleviation project.

Listed in the annual report on China’s sharing economy development 2019 by the State Information Center (SIC) of China.

Selected as an executive director unit of the Internet Society of China.

Selected as a representative brand for “Created in China” by Xinhua News Agency.


Listed as “China’s Top 100 Internet Companies 2018” by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Awarded “China Philanthropy Enterprise 2018” by China Philanthropy Times.

Listed as “China’s Top 50 Innovative Company 2018” by Fast Company.

Selected as “Outstanding Internet Poverty Alleviation Case Study 2018” for the “Dream Key” philanthropic project.

Awarded “WiFi Industry’s Most Influential Enterprise Award 2017”.

Awarded “Top 20 Innovative Enterprise in Pudong New Area 2017”.

Awarded “Pudong New Area Science and Technology Development Fund for Key Enterprise R&D Organization.”

LinkSure Network became a sharing economy case study model for the State Information Center (SIC) of China.


Listed as “China’s Top 50 Innovative Company 2017” by Fast Company.

Listed as Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center.

Awarded “Emerging Enterprise” by China Business Network (CBN).

Listed “China’s Top 100 Internet Companies” by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Awarded ” Most Growth Potential Emerging Enterprise 2017″ by China Entrepreneur.

Awarded “Enterprise with the Most Investment Value” Award and “Product with the Most Growth Potential” by iResearch.

Awarded “China Digital Economy Index Model Entreprise” by Caixin Media.

Awarded “Excellent Role Model” by Shanghai Information Security Trade Association (SISA).

Awarded “Sharing Economy App with the Best Advertisement Value 2017” by 金坐标 (Jīn zuòbiāo).

Awarded “Shanghai Security Internet Service Entreprise” by Shanghai Municipal Government.


Awarded “Enterprise of the year with Most Potential Investment Value ” by T-EDGE TMTPost.

Voted “Most Influential App” by Beijing Morning Post (7th edition of the most Influential tech company survey).

Awarded “2016 Top 10 Most Influential Internet Lifestyle Product” by Techweb.

Accoladed “Excellent Service” by Shanghai Information Security Trade Association (SISA).

Awarded “Enterprise of the Year” at the 3rd China Good WiFi Annual Award Ceremony.

Awarded “Outstanding Safety Contribution” by the ISG China Information Security Skills Competition Association.

Entitled to be the sponsor of the Network Poverty Alleviation Alliance, led by Cyberspace Affairs China (CAC).

Entitled to be the governing member of the China Network Security Industry Alliance.


Awarded “Innovative Business Model” at the 3C Innovations Award Ceremony by Nanfang Metropolis Daily.

Listed “Promising Innovative Enterprise of the Year” in the 2015 Annual Top List by Tech Sina.

Entitled to be a member of the Sharing Economy Working Commitee by China Internet Association.

Voted ” Shanghai Top 10 cutting-edge Internet Entreprise 2015″ by People’s Daily Online.

Awarded “2015 Innovative Enterprise and App” by WAPI Industry Alliance.

Awarded “Grade AA Safe Website” by Shanghai Municipal Government.

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